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You better bring your swimming suit because chances are the weather in Malacca will be excellent for some sunbathing and tanning.


Malacca is not just about taking a bath, but also about bringing your own surfboard and trying out the world renowned waves.

Trekking and Hiking

Sick and tired of the sand and water? Interested in some astonishing landscapes and some physical activities? There are plenty of trekking and hiking opportunities.

How to plan an adventure

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Make a wish

Malacca is so popular because tourists gain access to plenty of entertainment options. Decide on something you want to do first.


Plan your adventure

Whether you want to plan your own adventure or let us do it at Tourism Melaka, chances are you will be on track within the next day.


Explore and admire

No matter what you choose to do, the local lifestyle and culture will impress you, while our experienced guides will take your adventure even further.

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“Wow, this was one of the best holidays I have ever had – full of everything, from culture and food to fine sands and landscapes.”

Mary McMahon
Traveled in July, 2019

“I love exploring a new culture, a new lifestyle, a new cuisine and so on. I loved the fact that you can never get bored in Malacca.”

John Staton
Traveled in April, 2019

“The weather was perfect and our adventures were extremely diversified. We loved sunbathing, but we also enjoyed the hiking experiences.”

Simon Wayne
Traveled in August, 2019

“We stayed in Malacca for a couple of weeks, but we will probably return. It was a fully planned holiday with lots of adventures, but there is still a lot to discover.”

Jason Bates
Traveled in June, 2019

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