(Incorporating Malacca City Historical Tour & Malacca Cultural Heritage Tour)
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This Full Day Malacca City Tour is specially designed for visitors to our Historical City of Malacca who want to know more about Malaccaís rich history and her cultural heritage evolved over a period of more than 600 years.

The first part of the tour covers the Historical Tour of Malacca while the last part covers her diverse Cultural Heritage.

During the Historic City Tour, visitors will be visiting various historical places around the city.

The Dutch Square at the heart of the City, you will see The Stadthuys, Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower, Queen Victoria Fountain and the famous Christ Church. By walking across the Malacca River from the Dutch Square, you will see the long houses of Heeren Street and the antique shops at Jonker Street. A visit to the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is recommended but this visit is optional.

After walking to the end of Heeren/Jonker Streets, you will visit Harmony Street of Malacca.

Here, you can see and visit the oldest Chinese Temple in Malacca and Malaysia namely
Cheng Hoon Teng Temple.
Further down, you will see the Kampong Kling Mosque
and the Sri Vinayagar Temple all along the same street.

You will then be ferried to the St. Paulís Hill Complex to view the Independence Memorial, Porta de Santiago commonly called "A Famosa", the ruins of St. Paulís Church where Malacca's Saint Francis Xavier was once buried and the replica of the Palace of Malacca Sultanate.


Then after, you will visit the Portuguese Settlement where the descendents of the Portuguese still live here in Malacca and speak the ancient language of Cristao. You can buy souvenirs and have lunch at the Portuguese Square as an option where you can try the spicy hot Devilís Curry and other famous Portuguese cuisine.

After lunch (optional), you continue your day tour by going on to the Malacca Cultural Heritage Tour. This tour will enlighten you on the different lifestyles and cultural aspects of the various intriguing ethnic groups in Malacca.

Termed as the ďPeranakans? these various ethnic groups comprising of the Malacca Malays, Babas & Nyonyas, Portuguese Eurasians and the Chittys have lived harmoniously in Malacca even before the arrival of the Dutch in 1641.

You shall be fascinated with the different ways of life ranging from their unique cuisine, ceremonies, abodes and their spoken languages.

The Full Day Malacca City Tour ends and we wish our honoured guests "Selamat Jalan" or Bon Voyage. We hope to see you again in historical Malacca.

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