11th. January 2005
Straits of Malacca Sea Tour ( New )
by T.W. Kang
for www.tourism-melaka.com

Besides the Melaka River Boat Tour, another interesting and unique tour which visitors must not miss while you are in Malacca, is the Straits of Malacca  Sea Tour. This is a specially arranged tour organised for tour groups with a minimum of 15 persons to a maximum of 70 persons.

Come and cruise up the historical Malacca River from the Malacca River Boat Jetty located near the Dutch Square  and pass under the Sungei Melaka Bridge before entering the Straits of Melaka.  Due to the tidal tide conditions, the river boat will only operate when there is high tide. So, tour groups &  visitors interested to take this cruise are recommended to check up first on the operating times. Also, the sea cruise will only operate with a minimum 15 persons per voyage.

The boat will cruise up the shallow Malacca River from her river mouth to Straits of Melaka, travel to Pulau Melaka and Pulau Upeh where the boat makes her return trip. Visitors will be able to enjoy the sea breeze and the view historical Melaka from the sea where sea farers such as Admiral Zheng He ( Cheng Ho) and Alfonso de Alburquerque would have seen when they reached the shores of Melaka.

The Straits of Melaka Sea Tour  takes about  1 hour.

Information on Straits of Malacca Sea Cruise :
                            Minimum of 15 persons before tour operates.
                            Operation Hours : Subject to Tide conditions

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