Know The Exact Difference Between CBD Vaping, Dabbing, and CBD Tinctures

People who use CBD must have encountered several terms related to consumption methods, namely vaping, dabbing, and tinctures; all of these are considered as hot topics in this industry. These methods require certain specifications and are used primarily to intake CBD for medical purposes. In case, you want to acquire CBD Vape Juice or CBD Tincture for glaucoma or another bodily ailment, click here. You will get to choose from a lot of flavors and can also choose from different levels of CBD which are highly effective either you are a beginner or using Cannabidiol for quite a long time.

How the process of dabbing is different from vaping?

For the process of dabbing, you require low-tech materials for production of clean as well as flavored vapor. To start with dabbing all you need to acquire is a dab rig. In this instrument, water is filled which is inhaled by you in the form of vapor. Dabs are acquired as concentrate from Cannabinoids, more specifically CBD as well as THC by the help of carbon dioxide and butane.

A sticky and thick oil is produced which is called by several names viz. wax, butter, shatter, etc. THC component is highly present in dabs. The wax which is created during dabbing is very thick and needs to be cleaned daily or it creates a lot of hindrance during the process. Thus, consumers get easily addicted to it and they also suffer from severe hallucinations.

On what phenomenon dabbing as well as vaping is based?

One can easily smoke as well as vape dabs, the main point of difference is the temperature. When you are smoking a dab, conductive heating is used viz. you are required to place a hot nail against wax for heating it properly. In contrast to this, when vaping dabs, the material is heated straight on the hot metallic plate.

In contrast to dabbing, CBD vaping is considered much healthier since it is based on a conventional heating process. This method prevents the charring of the vapes, due to this material which is less carbonized enter your body. Moreover, to protect oneself from addiction, it is recommended to purchase vapes which have either nil or less than 0.3% of THC concentration. You can check the product description to make sure about the concentration.

A comparison between vaping and dabbing

Unlike vaping CBD, dabbing is considered as unsafe since during this process the temperature of the equipment increases by a considerable amount. This causes the release of benzene which if inhaled in large quantities can cause damage to the body. With the use of atomizer or mods, you get a chance to vape a regulated amount of CBD for medical uses.

Most of the vaping devices also offer you a chance to select the temperature of your choice. Thus, it will be safe to vape at lower temperature since it provides you pure form of Cannabidiol which is getting trendier. In case, you want to avoid any carcinogenic effects, it is highly recommended to vape CBD oils at a temperature lower than 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you use CBD Oil Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are usually oil based and should NOT be vaped. Inhaling oil can cause lipid pneumonia, so take this warning seriously. Tinctures are meant to be absorbed under the tongue and/or swallowed and injested. To use tincture just take a measured dose, usually 1ml per dripper full and drop it under the tongue. Let it absorb under your tongue for a bit and then swallow it.