Shopping in Melaka
Jalan Hang Tuah & Hang Tuah Mall Area
Jalan Hang Tuah is the main financial and commercial street in the historical city of Melaka.

On this road of about 1.5 kilometres is the Melaka State Government Buildings, Graha Maju,  major banks such as HSBC Bank, Maybank, Bumi-Commerce Bank and hotels such as Grand Legacy Hotel and newly opened Naza Hotel. Just opposite the Grand Legacy Hotel is the Fajar Shopping Centre. At the rear of Graha Maju Building is the Melaka Central Market, Ocean Departmental Store(which closed in 2004) and Khelass Departmental Store. At the sametime, there are numerous shops along Jalan Hang Tuah which sell and offer various types of goods and services.

Moreover, the Melaka local Bus Terminal and the Inter-City Express Bus Terminal used to be situated off Jalan Hang Tuah. However, from 15th. May 2004, the Bus Terminals and Taxi station have been shifted to an ultra-modern terminal at Pringgit. Luckily, taxis and buses will still drop off and pick-up passengers here. The Melaka Central Market was also shifted to the new Melaka Sentral in Pringgit.

Hang Tuah Mall
Recently in early 2003, in order to promote more commercial activities around Jalan Hang Tuah especially at night, Jalan Hang Tuah was converted into a mall. Brightly lit & decorated lights were installed along Jalan Hang Tuah and a wide walking area with side-walk cafes were built. Planners hope that Hang Tuah Mall will prove as popular as Bintang Walk in Kuala Lumpur for both the tourists and Malaccans.

At the same time, Jalan Hang Tuah was turned into a one-way street with ample car parking on both sides of the road. By doing so, shoppers can park their cars and visitors can sit around the side-walk cafes especially in the cool evening hours. In the future, interesting activities for tourists and locals are planned so that Hang Tuah Mall will be fashionable area for people of various races to congregate and enjoy themselves.

Incidentally, for Internet savvy users, Hang Tuah Mall is wi-fi connected to the Internet.
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