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Date and Background of Establishment
On 7th. December 1826, Malacca High School (MHS) was officially established. Her establishment took place just after Malacca was made an English colony on 17th. March 1824 after the Dutch ceded Malacca to the English after the Bencoolen Treaty in 1824. Malacca.

Malacca High School is the oldest government English school in Malaysia.

The establishment of the school was initiated by Mr. Thomas H. Moor who came to Malacca in 1825 on orders by Milne who was one of the educators at the Anglo Chinese College. In his letter dated 4th. January 1825, he stated his wishes to Arundel in London for establishing a school. The establishment of the school was also supported by some influential people including James Humphrey, a ‘Superintendent?in the London Society’s Mission. With their assistance, Malacca High School was officially established. The background of the establishment of Malacca High School was directly related to the closing of the Dutch-Malay school which was established in January 1819 by Christian missionary during the Dutch reign. The school was closed when Malacca was handed over to the English by the Dutch.

History of Establishing the name of Malacca High School
Malacca High School began with the name ‘Malacca Free School? On 1st. August 1878, the name of ‘Malacca Free School?was changed to ‘Malacca High School?when the government took over the school from the Christian Mission. The Christian Mission had to hand over ‘Malacca Free School?to the government because of financial and administrative problems.
Malacca High School was open to all races and religious groups and education was free to all students ?the reason why it was named ‘Free? However, Malacca High School was different from Penang Free School (1816) and Singapore Free School (1823) because these two schools only allow free selection of students but collected fees from the students. On the other hand, Malacca High School’s main objectives was to provide free education to students irrespective of their race, religious backgrounds, colour or creed.

Locations of Malacca High School
After the establishment of Malacca High School on 7th. December 1826, the school was located at Personage House ?The current Youth Museum of Malacca. In the history of the school, it moved twice i.e. in 1884 and 1931. The move was caused by the achievement of the school in increasing the students?population in a relatively short period of time.

In 1884, the school shifted to a new building at the former High Court building as the old building was unsuitable for the growing student population. This building was built under the leadership of F.C. Shepberd since 1882 and  but can only accommodate 200 students.

The idea of building Malacca High School at the Kubu field was cancelled when the late Tuan Haji Bachee bin Ahmad offered to sell a plot of land to the authorities on recognition of the importance of building the school for education.

In 1928, the new school premises at Jalan Chan Koon Cheng (the current location) was built at a cost of $170,000.00 which included the cost of land. The new building was equipped with teachers?house, toilets and sewage system.

The 2 storey school was constructed by an engineer in the form of alphabet ‘E?which symbolises an English School. In 1934, a few addition was added to the new building. The government spent about $5,000 in constructing the Quarters of the Boarding Master, car parks and an armoury for weapons storage and a cadet room.

Early Students at Malacca High School
Malacca High School began her history with 18 male students. By following the objectives of the school, it was opened to all races in Malacca. It was also opened to all students to all states in Malaya then.
In 1826, Malacca High School admitted girls?students for the first time. Some 65 girls?students were registered. However, in 1834, the admission of girls?students had to be halted when Miss Wallaca who replaced Maria Newell left the school for Canton, China. Since that date, the school did not admit girls because of lack of teaching facilities and the cold reception by girls?students.

Most of the students originated from Malacca Town and her surrounding areas such as Klebang, Limbongan, Bukit Rambai, Ujong Pasir, Masjid Tanah, Alor Gajah and other districts. Since 1826 until the 2nd. World War, students? intake seldom reach 500 students except in 1907 when the students?population reached 505 students. After the war, the school expanded. Today, Malacca High School has a student enrolment of 2000 students.

“MELIORA HIC SEQUAMUR?/FONT> is the motto of Malacca High School ?the oldest government school in Malaysia. The motto is in Latin and means ‘Here We Strive For Better Things?in English.

The motto was introduced by the Principal of Malacc High School Mr. L.W. Arnold. He was stationed in the school from 1931 to 1934. The use of the motto coincided with the shifting of the school from the High Court Building to the current location. The official opening of the school was on 22nd. October 1931.

The use of the motto encouraged pupils and teachers to excel in the academic and leadership qualities. In the academic field for example, Malacca High School has produced of  excellent students and leaders in the country. In the field of curriculum, Malacca High School has produced a number of national and states sportsmen/sportswomen.

School Emblem
According to school records, the school emblem was introduced in 1931. During this time the School Board of Governors was established and the motto “Meliora Hic Sequamur?was established. Originally, the school emblem reflected ‘History,’Resilence?and ‘Strength?
The ‘A Famosa?logo was used and the colour of green and maroon were used. At the bottom of the logo, ?Meliora Hic Sequamur ?was etched. At the beginning, this logo was used by the school prefects only but in 1970, all students must wear the logo and has become a rule of the school.

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