A Malaccan and his car
Tsz Wong and his wife, Su May in April 1985

Tsz Wong's story
From young, I learnt that Mercedes-Benz owners are very attached to their cars. In the year 1970s, my uncle was chauffeur-driven in a Mercedes-Benz as he was a visiting doctor for several plantations.

When he migrated to Australia, he sold most of his assets but brought his Mercedes-Benz with him. Now he is in his 70s, he tells me that he still loves his car and keeps it in running condition in Perth.

My first encounter with a Mercedes-Benz started when I met the ‘woman in my life? I wanted to sweep her off her feet with a dream car during the wedding. My uncle, of course, told me that it had to be a Mercedes-Benz. Without asking, one of my business clients offered to lend me his Mercedes-Benz 230E (W123) for that special day in year 1985. It was indeed a happy and memorable wedding - my wife, our relatives and friends and most importantly the Mercedes-Benz made it extra special.

Twelve years later, the owner of my ‘wedding car?approached me because he wanted to sell the car to someone he trusted. The sentimental value of the car was just too much for me to resist. ‘Take good care of it,? he told me when he handed me the keys.

Many of my friends tell me that it was a good buy. This Mercedes-Benz car is robust, very spacious and excellent for long-distance driving. Several admirers have approached me to sell the car to them. I quickly decline their offers, telling them it is not possible because it reminds me on the happiest moments of my life.
May 2005

This story was submitted to "The Mercedes-Benz & Me" contest organised by Marketing Department DaimlerChrysler Malaysia Sdn Bhd which closed on 8th. May 2005. On 27th. May 2005, during the official announcement of the 3 National winners and 7 Consolation prize winners, the above story was judged as one of 7 Consolation prize winners.