The kris belonging to Malacca warrior Hang Tuah is now part of Perak’s royal regalia, writes Diana Yeoh, New Straits Times


When talking about the Kris Taming Sari, one always thinks of the legendary Hang Tuah of Malacca. But did you know that the prized kris, said to have magical powers, is now in the possession of the Perak royal family?


Legend has it that in the 15th. Century, the Sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansur Shah, traveled to Java to ask for the hand of Majapahit princess Raden Galoh Chandra Kirana. Hang Tuah, the Sultan’s favourite warrior, was part of the entourage of palace officials.


But the officials, envious of Hang Tuah, had murder on their minds. They engaged a Javanese warrior, Taming Sari, to do the job but Hang Tuah won the fight. Not only did he kill Taming Sari, but he was also “awarded?with the dead man’s kris.


Back in Malacca, Hang Tuah handed the kris to Tun Mamat, with instructions that it was to be given to Sultan Mahmud if he (Hang Tuah) failed to persuade Puteri Gunung Ledang to marry the Sultan.


When the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511, Sultan Mahmud took the kris with him when he fled to Johor-Riau and later to Kampar in Sumetera. He then gave the kris and other State regalia to his son, Muzaffar, who was later proclaimed the first Sultan of Perak, taking on the name of Sultan Muzaffar Shah in 1528.


This was how Taming Sari ended up in Perak and it was passed on to the Sultan’s successors till present day.


It was displayed at the Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah in Kuala Kangsar in May 2007 when the present Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, celebrated his 79th. Birthday.


The kris has a handle and sheath made of gold. The blade is made of 20 types of metal composites, some said to come from the bolts that held the gates of the Kaabah in Mecca.


It is believed that the kris can “fly?and seek out the owner’s enemy. It could even “rattle?in its sheath to warn its owner of potential danger.


It is now kept at the Istana Iskandariah Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, and can only be handled by the Sultan and the keeper of the palace regalia, Toh Seri Nara Di-Raja Mohd Sah Nong Chik.


Is there proof that this is indeed Hang Tuah’s Taming Sari? A manuscript dating back more than 300 years, has been found in Terengganu. It throws some light on the mystical kris as it describes the weapon in detail. There is even a diagram of a kris, labeled the Taming Sari, resembling that in the possession of the Perak royal family. A visual comparison shows that there are similarities between the Taming Sari in Perak and the kris in the diagram.


Webmaster: Another popular legend mentioned that Hang Tuah, having failed in ?/span>his mission to Gunung Ledang, threw the Taming Sari into the Duyung River. Many believe that if the Taming Sari kris rises from the river bed of Duyung River, Melaka will become famous and prosperous again.