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A New Place

There is no place like Malacca – a new culture, lots of interesting places, beautiful landscapes, beaches and clear waters.

Discover the Culture

Malacca is not like anything else – once here, you will be surprised by how different everything is from all points of view.

Lifetime Memories

Malacca will provide lots of lifetime memories – make sure you bring your camera to avoid missing any important moments.

Embrace the adventure

Whether or not you are the adventurous type, here at Tourism Melaka, we have something for everyone, regardless of what you like.

Our planned tours and adventures can take you to various tours exploring museums and important landmarks. You can also opt for a tour exploring beaches – different types of beaches for different people. How about the local culture? There is nothing more exciting than a trip to the local market or some restaurants – and we only recommend the restaurants that locals eat in. Simply put, we can literally fill up your holiday.

Discover the surroundings

While we do recommend visiting local landmarks and learning a bit about Malacca’s fascinating history, the outdoor adventure is just as exciting.

If you are the beach type, you will love going out – explore a new beach every single day. The water is clear and beautiful, but beaches are slightly different. How about some views from above? How about some stunning landscapes? Some of our adventures involve hiking and trekking – we will take you to beautiful places that only locals know about. Make sure you have a snack with you. some water and – of course – your camera.

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